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Bringing voice and quality together

With so many different channels of communication in business today,
it can be costly trying to stay on top of it all. By simplifying voice and
data networks, we can help put an end to your headaches.


SIP Trunking isn’t VoIP as you most likely grasp it. It’s a high-end business grade answer that brings along your voice and information, built over one fiber-optic information network. The result? an easy answer which will bring you savings these days, whereas providing higher communications services for your business. 

HOW DOES IT WORK? You'll still speak to your native office or round the world across your information network, with no modification to the standard that you’re already wont to. you'll conjointly combine existing (legacy) services like ISDN30 with SIP Trunking to confirm a winning transition. It all adds up to a service that’s cost-effective, a lot of efficient and future-proof. 

BENEFITS FOR YOUR BUSINESS 1st office, there’s no office area upheaval, as a result of SIP Trunking is a lot of flexible in terms of moving or dynamic your services. And, equally significantly, there’s less must modify phone sockets or re-route cabling, thus you'll keep your existing PBX infrastructure, saving on your original investment. however the benefits don’t finish there:

SIP TRUNKING IS SCALABLE Your service is intended to grow as you are doing - you'll increase capability or integrate new services as you would like to.

SAVE AS YOU GO Mistreatment your existing Virgin Media Business network to hold your calls, you may build savings on your voice traffic, compared with ancient voice services. 

EASY MIGRATION If you're migrating from ancient voice services, we are going to work with you to create the migration hassle free. 

AN INVESTMENT FOR YOUR FUTURE  Trunking options progressive technology thus you'll relax, knowing that your business is prepared for the long run of Unified Communications. In business, there’s nothing quite like peace of mind. 


You'll benefit from multiple layers of resilience, providing you with end-to-end reliability:

  • Geographic Resilience is offered as commonplace, from our 2 geographically separated SIP Trunking platforms.
  • DDI Resilience is on the market for users of full range vary blocks - we tend to host the numbers directly that provides extra resilience.
  • Access Resilience is facultative for multi-site users, and introduces a second resilient SIP Trunking service across an extra access circuit, guaranteeing service convenience at ninety nine.99%.



SIP Trunking also supports the business telephony features you rely on:
• DDI – Direct Dialling Inwards • CLI – Caller Line Identity
• CLIP – Caller Line Identity Presentation
• CLIR – Caller Line Identity Restriction
• Presentation Numbers


Customer Premise
Equipment (CPE)




Inbound call routing

Customer provides. SIP Trunking supports a growing range of E-SBCs (Enterprise Session
Border Controllers), which means that SIP can work with a wide range of IP PBXs.

SIP Trunking is delivered over a Managed or Unmanaged IPVPN service. 

SIP Trunking uses the G.711 codec to ensure you get the same great voice quality as you’d get with traditional voice services.

As a minimum, CPE should support SIP Digest.

Configuration available in 2 options, either Primary Secondary Fail-over or Percentage Split - both are multiple trunk options allowing calls to re-route on failure.